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Public Art

Being born in Muenster, the town of the "Skulptur Projekte", Public Art has always been one of my research interests.

the following essays of mine deal with the topic:

  • Geopoetics: Aesthetic Experience in the Works of Stefan Schemat and Teri Rueb, in: Francisco J. Ricardo (Hg.): Literary Art in Digital Performance. Case Studies in New Media Art and Criticism, London/New York 2009, S. 84-105.
  • Art without Time and Space? Radio in the Visual Arts of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries, in: Heidi Grundmann u. a. (Hg.): Re-inventing Radio. Aspects of Radio as Art, Frankfurt 2008, S. 131-146.
  • The wavehouse, in: Ausstellungskatalog Volker Lang, "Indien liegt außerhalb", Cuxhaven 2001, S. 5-10
  • Anthony Gormleys Eisener Wille, Ausstellungsbroschüre, 1997

I also taught several classes on the topic, including

  • Kunst im öffentlichen Raum II (20th century) (LMU Munich, 2006)
  • Kunst im öffentlichen Raum I (before 1900) (LMU Munich, 2005)
  • Public Art (Rhode Island School of Design, 2006)

and organized a 10 day field trip with German and American Students to Cologne, Antwerp, Nordhorn, Emmen, Münster, Hamburg and Springhornhof