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Audiences of Art

One of my more recent research interests (springing from my research on the aesthetics of interaction) is reception research, i. e. the documentation of audience experiences.

Documentary Collections:
Together with Caitlin Jones (Western Front, Vancouver) and Lizzie Muller (University of Technology, Sydney), at the LBI Media.Art.Research, we did two extensive Cae Studies, which resulted in documentary collections published by the Daniel Langlois Foundation; Montreal:

Tmema, The Manual Input Workstation (2004-2006)

David Rokeby, Very Nervous System (1983-)

Living Archive:
As a third case study, together with Gabriella Giannachi (University of Exeter) and the Mixed Reality Lab in Nottingham, we documented Blast Theory's 'Rider Spoke', presented in Linz in September 2009

Reception Research:

Already in 2007, I cooperated with the Institute of Sociology of the Johannes-Kepler University in Linz to document audience experiences during Ars Electronica 2007. The research report can be accessed here