Prof. Dr. Katja Kwastek

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Interactive Art

My main research topic within the last years have been the aesthetics of interaction and interactivity

I just finished the English manuscript for a book entitled "Aesthetics of Interaction in Digital Art" (forthcoming at MIT Press, 2013)

I presented my research on several conferences, including

  • Mediaarthistories Conference, Liverpool 2011
  • Immersion, LMU Munich, 2011
  • Re-Touching McLuhan, Canadian Embassy, Berlin, 2011
  • Club Transmediale 2011
  • ISEA RUHR 2010
  • Mediaarthistories Conference, Melbourne 2009
  • Digital Arts and Culture, Irvine (CA) 2009
  • Performing Presence, Exeter 2009

For Ars Electronica 2008, I curated a conference entitled: Interaction, Interactivity, Interactive Art

several aspects of my research in interactive art have already been published:

  • Audiovisual Interactive Art – from Artwork to Device and back, in: Dieter Daniels und Sandra Naumann (Hg.): Audiovisuology 2. Essays. Histories and Theories of Audiovisual Media and Art, Köln 2011, S. 148-171.
  • Sound-Image Relations in Interactive Art, in: Dieter Daniels und Sandra Naumann (Hg.): Audiovisuology. Compendium. An Interdisciplinary Survey of Audiovisual Culture, Köln 2010, S. 162-175.
  • Embodiment and Instrumentality, in: Simon Penny (Hg.): Conference Proceedings Digital Art and Culture 2009: After Media. Embodiment and Context, Irvine 2009,
  • "Your number is 96 – please be patient". Modes of Liveness and Presence Investigated Through the Lens of Interactive Artworks, in: Sean Cubitt und Paul Thomas (Hg.): Conference Proceedings re:live Konferenz, Melbourne 2009, S. 89-94.
  • Geopoetics: Aesthetic Experience in the Works of Stefan Schemat and Teri Rueb, in: Francisco J. Ricardo (Hg.): Literary Art in Digital Performance. Case Studies in New Media Art and Criticism, London/New York 2009, S. 84-105.
  • Interaction, Interactivity, Interactive Art. A buzzword of New Media under Scrutiny, in: Gerfried Stocker und Christine Schöpf (Hg.): Ars Electronica 2008. A New Cultural Economy, Ostfildern 2008, S. 146-148.
  • Opus Ludens. Towards an aesthetics of interactivity, in: Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau, Dorothée King (Hg.): Interface Cultures. Artistic Aspects of Interaction, Wien/New York 2008, S. 153-163.


At the LBI, we conducted an extensive research project to develop a taxonomy for interactive art. The research reports can be found here:
Research Project: A Taxonomy of "Interactive Art" I
Research Project: A Taxonomy of "Interactive Art" II
Forschungsprojekt: Taxonomie "Interaktive Kunst" I
Forschungsprojekt: Taxonomie "Interaktive Kunst" II

Together with the visualization department of the LBI, we developed the "Elastic Lists of Interactive Art" and the "Prix Landscape Interactive Art"

For further research projects related to the topic, see also "audience experience" and "documentation"